OBD Codes


Description of the defect

EGR Flow Excessive Detected
The EGR system is monitored for undesired EGR flow during idle. The EGR monitor looks at the DPF EGR signal at idle and compares it to the stored signal measured during key ON and engine OFF. The test fails when the signal at idle is greater than at key ON engine OFF by a calibrated amount.
Possible causes

Possible causes
List of elements that might trigger the appearance of this code

  • EGR valve stuck open
  • Plugged EGR vacuum regulator solenoid vent
  • Plugged EGR tube
  • Slow responding D.P.F. EGR sensor
  • Damaged DPF EGR sensor
  • Improper vacuum hose connection
  • Plugged vacuum hoses
  • EGRVR circuit shorted to ground
  • Damaged EGR vacuum regulator solenoid
  • Damaged PCM

Diagnostic help

Some tricks to help us for the diagnosis of the failure

A DPFEGR PID reading that is greater at idle than during key ON and engine OFF by 0.5 volt or a rough engine idle, may indicate a hard fault.

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