Jeff, St Petersburg, FL 

Isuzu Trooper 3L5 V6

“I am the original owner of a 2001 Isuzu Trooper with the 3.5 liter V6 engine. The vehicle has approx. 135K miles as of 12/2016.

My check engine light came in in the spring of 2016 with the OBD code showing insufficient EGR flow. This was causing the computer to think the engine was running lean, so it was dumping more fuel into the cylinders to richen up the fuel mix. This dropped my mileage from approx. 18 highway down to about 10MPG and was costing me a lot of money in gas and I was only getting about 200 miles in range out of a 20 gallon tank (combined highway and city driving)

I tried numerous times to clean the EGR valve and tubes with various chemicals including Seafoam, carb cleaner and others. I replaced the EGR valve, I removed and cleaned the throttle body and reamed the cleaned out the EGR tube inside the manifold, none of which worked.

While researching online, I came across some old school decarbonization methods, including water injection into the air intake, and further Googling led me to learn about HHO carbon cleaning. I drove down to another part of Florida and had the HHO treatment done and over the next few weeks, my check engine light went off several times, but then came back on. I learned this was to be expected as the loosened carbon worked it’s way out of my engine.

6 weeks after the treatment, I took a long road trip of about 2500 miles, and after approx. 200 miles at the beginning of the trip, my check engine light went out and has stayed out for the last two months. Since then, my vehicle has been running almost like when I bought it new and my mileage has increased back up the original 18MPG highway rating. I have much better acceleration and the truck runs fantastic. I am now getting approx. 350 miles in range out of my 20 gallon tank.

All in all, I am extremely pleased about the results of the treatment I received from Carbon Cleaning USA and would recommend it highly to anyone who drives a car, truck or uses marine engines. “

Javier, Andrews, SC 

GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE with Duramax 6.6

“After towing several heavy loads from Arkansas to South Carolina, including a 35 foot 5th wheel and four trips with a 7’x16’ enclosed trailer loaded to the hilt, my engine developed a collapsed fuel line which caused the EGR valve stick and the EGR cooler to clog. After fixing the collapsed fuel line I was getting some smoke on acceleration. Just a little at first but after some time it became worse and worse. I came across the Carbon Cleaning USA while looking for an EGR cleaning aerosol and found that those kinds of aerosols are not available in the US.
The nearest cleaning center was an 8 hour drive from my house but fortunately for me, the technician, Thomas, was traveling through South Carolina and serviced my engine just an hour from my house. Since my truck has a rather large V8 Diesel, he cleaned it for an hour and fifteen minutes. At first I was a little disappointed but Thomas called a few days later to follow up on me. I told him that the servicing helped but that there was still some smoke on acceleration. They explained how some carbon would still be left on my particle filter in the exhaust system and that I should drive the truck for a good two hour run and then go wide open throttle a few times. IT WORKED! No more smoke and my truck has more power than it has ever had since I bought it, about four years ago. When I’m not towing anything my truck is doing 0 to 60 in about 6 -7 seconds and pulls the 5th wheel with ease!”

Sid, New-York, NY 

Mercedes S500

“We had 5 cars cleaned and each one seemed to show improvement in power and economy. The C6 which also required a new fuel filter is delivering 34.9 MPG which is about 3-4 more miles per gallon than before. It also seems to have more acceleration. The car has 78,000 miles. My Mercedes S500 2002 with 120,000 miles seems to run better as well. We are still evluating, but the preliminary results seems positive. The good part about this is that the treatment does not require any disassembly of the engine. If possible, I would suggest that you have them demonstrate by treating an older car where you can then take some of the parts out for inspection.”

John, Las Vegas, NV 

Dodge Grand Caravan

“Hello, my name is John from Las Vegas. I had a jerk problem on my Dodge Grand Caravan. After 30 min of decarbonization in Carbon Cleaning center, this problem disappeared. I’m really satisfied ! Thank you guys ! Thank you Carbon Cleaning.”

Robert, Henderson, NV 


“We have LEXUS engine light on since 07/07/15. So many different reasons to be discussed with mechanic shop. No one can provide the good answer. I try to find out the reason on line. The Auto-Zone was suggested to check the catalytic system. We found the Carbon Cleaning website. It was done by mister Jean-Luc and his engineer. Only 30 minutes later, the engine light was off. It is amazing !
We recommend any one if the engine light is on.
Come here first.. You will be happy with this service !”

Keon, Las Vegas, NV 

Ford Focus ZX5 2002

“This product is fantastic !
My check engine light was on for about a month. I love fixing things myself so i replaced the EGR sensor and solenoid. However, the light (check engine) alway come back on after a few days. I found this website by just surfing online and decided to give them call. Since my car is approximately 12 years old, i thought it was a good thing to clean out the system and at the same time decarbonizing the EGR valve. It worked ! The build up was great but the Carbon Cleaning did the job magnificently.
Car runs more efficiently and most of all EGR valve is thorourghly clean of carbon build up. Magnific !!!”

Marie, Anaheim, CA 

Kia Spectra 1.8L

“Hi !! My name is Marie from Anaheim (California), I’m 24 years. My car is a Kia Spectra 1.8L (2000). In last April, I had a problem in my check engine light turned in. I was really afraid because I couldn’t afford to go to the mechanic. My boyfriend John discovered me the website Carbon Cleaning. I was very happy because It’s cheaper compare to the mechanic. I made an appointment with the center MX California on LA. After only 30 minutes of decarbonization my car is repaired and the lights turn off. I’m really glad and satisfied !! Furthermore, the technician was very nice and professional like a mechanic !!! Thank you Carbon Cleaning for all !! I love it !!”

Jason, Pahrump, NV 

Chevrolet Impala 64

“I was with my friends in road trip to Vegas when suddenly lot of smoke came out of my tailpipe, I was freaked out , someone in the street tell me about a garage in vegas who clean your engine with hydrogen and its work very well, I went to Carbon Cleaning garage and after 30 minutes of treatment, my Chevrolet Impala 64 was like new and all the smoke are gone.”

Phil, Oakland, CA 

Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC

“I brought my daughter at her soccer match when during the ride, my car (Honda CR-V) started to misfire with several weird noises , I was upset because I Love this car.
Fortunately, my wife with some internet research, told me about a garage “MX California who can fix my misfire problem without spend lot of money.
After my daughter’s match, I was gone to MX California and after 30 minutes of decarbonizing, my car doesn’t make any noises and she accelerate easily than before.”

Matt, Caliente, NV 

Volkswagen, Golf

“Hey. I’m Matt, I come from Caliente and I have a Volkswagen (model : Golf). I wanted to take care of my car I maintained use. In order to clean my engine, I went to Carbon Cleaning in Las Vegas. After decarbonization, my engine was completely clean.”

Monica, Las Vegas, NV 

Audi A4

“I’m Monica, from Las Vegas (NEVADA). I had a breakdown in my Audi A4. My vehicle had trouble to start. Before going in holiday, I preferred check my engine. A friend told me about a machine that is able to solve this kind of problem. So I decided to try the service of Carbon Cleaning and I used the decarbonization process. I’m really glad about it. It’s very useful ! Thank you Carbon Cleaning.”

James, Cap coral FL  

Toyota Camry Hydrid

” I have a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid with 140K miles. I could tell the engine had lost significant power even though I had done all mantenaince (One month before, I just shelled out $1500.00 for a disappointing 120K mile overhaul recommended by toyota). After this hydrogen based cleaning procedure, my car engine runs like is just came from the factory again. Best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent on any vehicle service. I get 5 miles more to the gallon and the engine is so quiet “


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As a member of the Carbon Cleaning network, you are an independent vendor. To help you grow your business, we put all of our experience and expertise at your disposal.

Contact us with any questions or for more information about how to become a partner.

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